Web Portal Development

When your company needs to communicate internally or with your customers in a more efficient way...a Web Portal is the answer.

Web Portal Development

Lifetime customer value is one of the most important metrics for your business to be focused on. What is it that makes a customer stick around? Or a partner? What about employees? In all three cases, it has a lot to do with the types of communities you can create around your business.

Custom web portals are different from websites. Your audience will access these portals from their browser, but the types of information they’ll have access to will create an entirely different experience for them. The objective is to deliver the right data and services in real time to create exceptional and relevant experiences that build strong relationships with your audiences. Organizations who do this see higher lifetime customer values, more dedicated employees, and more loyal partners.

Some common use cases include:

* Dashboards
* Integrating portal to show CRM data in real time
* Managing and versioning sensitive documents
* Training and enablement
* Project Process
* Financial Transactions

When we hop on a discovery call with your team, we’ll talk through your current workflows and find areas that can be optimized or improved. It’s a powerful exercise and can help you make strides in your processes across the board.

From there, we’ll build out integrations between your existing applications and a beautifully designed, easy-to-use portal that creates an engaging experience for everyone around your business.

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