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Software Engineering


AppEvolve is a software development company that builds software for companies of all sizes. We’re proud to employ the best software engineers in the field. Our lead engineers have a depth of experience that allows them to deploy the best agile software engineering solutions for your company.

What is a software engineer?

Three important information technology experts contribute to the creation of new software: the software developer, the software engineer, and the software programmer. The software developer meets with the client, determines and outlines the client’s software ideas, and outlines the ideas for the software engineer. The software engineer creates the technical roadmap to create the project. The software engineer decides what programming language to use and which frameworks plugins and APIs (application programming interfaces) are needed to create the client’s new software or application. Once the lead software engineer’s plan is complete, software programmers bring it to life.

What is agile software engineering?

Agile engineering avoids rigid methods and excessive documentation that slow the development process. It focuses on developing the best possible software by:

• trusting each individual on the development team to do their best work independently without micro-management
• working closely with all members of the team and the client; open to suggestions from all parties
• positively responding to needed changes that occur organically during the development process

The result of agile software development should be working, high-quality, scalable software quickly developed. The software delivery should include documentation needed to make future changes to the software. However, the documentation should not be so voluminous that it loses any practical value due to its complexity. It’s frustrating instead of illuminating to seek an answer in excessive documentation.

Their incorporation of agile software engineering principles in every software blueprint they create makes AppEvolve engineers the top software engineers.

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