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AppEvolve is a software development agency with a depth of experience and a broad range of skills. Our expertise includes SDLC development, SAAS development, Docker development, and API development.

SDLC development
Software development life cycle (SLDC) development follows a consistent series of step for each software project.

• Planning
• Defining
• Designing
• Building
• Testing
• Deployment

AppEvolve follows a balanced approach to each of these steps leading to a superior outcome. Our developers manage the planning and defining stages. Our engineers manage the design. Our programmers build our product, including other groups like graphics and UX/UI (user experience/ user interface). Testing involves beta users, quality assurance (QA) and our whole team to assure client satisfaction. When we deploy new software, we are ready to assist our client with the rollout, and, as needed we will fine-tune it during implementation.

SaaS Development
Service-as-a-software or SaaS development refers to the development of software as a service. These services are available to users via the internet. Good examples of SaaS include virtual-offsite meeting software like GoToMeeting™ or Cloud-based file-storage options like Dropbox. SaaS options are also often tailored to specific industries like banking, healthcare, e-commerce, and of course, Information Technologies. SaaS products are monetized through subscriptions, fees or sometimes advertising revenue.
The AppEvolve team has experience with SaaS development and would love to hear about your SaaS project.

Docker Development
Docker development involves creating an application in a contained environment. The container holds all the pieces needed to run an application without any need for outside resources. The concept allows an application to work and communicate smoothly within a larger framework without any compatibility issues. It also helps make an application “universal.” For instance, a mobile application could be made to work with both Android and Apple iOS languages without the need for different versions.

Always thinking about scalability, AppEvolve developers strive to use tools like Docker development to help create products with maximum compatibility and utility.

API development
Application programming interface (API) development involves making a portion of a company’s information available for other applications. For instance, a travel application may need to collect information from various airlines, hotels, airports, map providers and weather forecasters. To do this the site can access the information from the API of a site like Google Maps. Google Maps allows developers access to certain data (they define) to populate their applications. So if a user plans to travel to Acapulco, they can find the location of hotels, airports, restaurants, etc. APIs can be created for any business with information of value to other parties. They can be global, regional, or extremely localized. They can be monetized or offered for free (possibly for promotional reasons), however, building them carefully is necessary so they can meet user needs and not exceed provider resources.

AppEvolve developers can help you build your own API, or integrate existing APIs into your applications.

Contact us today to meet with our SDLC, SaaS, Docker, and API development experts.

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