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Salesforce Development for a Completely Customized CRM

Complete, robust customization capabilities are what make Salesforce the #1 CRM in the world. Your CRM is at the core of your business, so it should mold to your processes—not the other way around. Salesforce has taken this to heart.

And while the CRM has customization capabilities, making complete CRM customization a reality isn’t always a simple task. You’ll want it to plug into everything your business has to offer. Investing time up front with professional Salesforce Developers like ourselves will save your employees countless hours in the long run.

What Can Be Customized in Salesforce?

Better question: What can’t be customized in Salesforce?

We’ve spent countless hours innovating inside the platform. We’ve built connections to other existing systems (even if those are unique to your business). Salesforce community development or portal development is one of our specialties—these will connect your audience outside of Salesforce with the data contained therein, and create a more engaging overall experience. We’ve also built custom scheduling workflows, automated with text messages to work crews and a check-in system.

If you have something that you need done in Salesforce but have not been able to figure it out yet, give us a call. Chances are we’ll be able to build something to accomplish the task

Build a Custom Salesforce Application

The Salesforce App Exchange hosts more than 3,400 apps with an excess of 5.6 million installs to date. These applications play a key part in Salesforce customization. If you need a robust feature, we can likely develop an app for it and deploy it right to the App Exchange. These projects are proven to have a high ROI, take less time than average to deploy, and strong monetization potential. We would love to build one for you.

Custom Salesforce Integrations

A lot of our clients in the small-to-medium enterprise space thrive by creating a network of custom Salesforce integrations.

Salesforce starts to act as a kind of ERP for these clients—where all of their key systems flow into Salesforce as a single source of truth. There are huge advantages to this kind of automation:

  1. You’ll remove data silos, giving you more complete information for making data-driven decisions. Data scientists spend 80% of time gathering data, and only 20% analyzing it. With a fully integrated Salesforce, you won’t.
  2. Eliminate Salesforce duplicate entry. Rekeying information from one system to another is a tedious, inefficient, and morale-killing process. Just don’t do it. Build an integration up front and save your team hours or days of monotonous processes.
  3. Home base for building portals, communities, or executive dashboards. These will simply pull from the data that’s already in your Salesforce environment.

Salesforce as a Fully Customized CRM

Having a CRM built specifically for your business doesn’t always mean building one from scratch. It’s extraordinary what can be accomplished with Salesforce and a few lines of custom code. We would love to talk through your project with you.

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We work with Start-Up Companies to Fortune 500 companies. Our average client are medium to large organizations with a number of employees that range from 20 to the thousands. For the size of projects we engage, typical development time is a minimum of 4-6 months.

We only work with Time & Material based projects and not fixed rates.

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