Progressive Web Applications

The Next Generation of Mobile Engagement—Progressive Web Applications

While almost every developed country has access to 4G+ internet speeds, they don’t have that access 24/7 (think about train stations or event arenas in crowded cities). Regardless, mobile has become the default platform for any business to engage with its audience. In a fast-moving world, it’s important that your mobile application is responsive, easy-to-use, and delivers information in rapid speeds regardless of the strength of the users signal. A web page that fails to load is an opportunity that’s failed before it even had a chance.

Progressive web applications deliver fast, engaging, and readily available mobile website experiences for your audience—an experience that can be made accessible even without 4G LTE.

Why Google and Other Enterprises Are Investing Big In Progressive Web Applications

Fifty-three percent of users will abandon a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. Basically, if your mobile experience isn’t fast, it won’t even have a chance to convert. Milliseconds count and are a key ingredient for healthy conversion ratios.

We build progressive web apps with this in mind. The idea is that data will be stored or pre-loaded in the application, so that load speeds will be ridiculously fast regardless of internet connection. It’s like giving the application a head start, which makes all the difference in the world from a user experience perspective.

Going one step further, data can be synced for offline use to ensure that users will have access to the information they need, when they need it. This can be automated in the background to create an experience that your users want, but don’t even know that they need (yet).

Companies such as Forbes are using progressive web apps to create a more compelling and personalize mobile experience, resulting in longer time spent on site and increased advertising revenue. Through rolling out a progressive web application, they saw a 43% increase in sessions per user and a 100% (2x!) increase in session length.

What Goes Into Building a Progressive Web Application?

Here are some basic steps and fundamental elements of your progressive web application:

  1. Build an application shell. This is what loads before everything else, and we build it so that it’s instant. Rather than waiting for the page to load, the shell will appear without any wait time. Other elements will load accordingly as the user scrolls or explores the site.
  2. Install a service worker. This allows your mobile site to act more like a native application. This will also allow certain data to remain in the user’s cache and remain accessible even when they are not online.
  3. Optimize the download process. Native applications require an up-front download, resulting in much lower conversion ratios (this is a commitment that most users don’t want to make). The process is different with progressive web apps. They can make this transition more gradually, and the actual download painless.
  4. Optimize overall performance and provide analytics. The whole purpose of your progressive app is to decrease load times and improve the entire experience. We’ll make sure you have analytics to monitor this and make changes as needed.

There are other elements, of course, that will be specific to your needs and processes. We will find a solution for those and start to map them out when you take a discovery call with our team.

Get Started Developing Your Own Progressive Web App

Our team is excited about this new generation that will take mobile to the next level. Book a quick call with our team and we will go over your requirements and the features that you want to go into your build.

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