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Custom Software Development is a More Viable Option Today than Ever

The landscape of the software development industry has changed dramatically, but many businesses are stuck with a dot-com era mindset about custom software. Yes, there is a very tempting array of pre-packaged software that will solve many of your problems… but is using somebody else’s software always the best option? Here’s the reality: The software development community is thriving, and off-the-shelf software is not always the best option. Here’s the case for the innovators and entrepreneurs who want to tackle their problems head on by building their own custom software. Yes, custom software development is alive and well—and you may be surprised at its viability in many situations.

Software Developers Have More Tools and Resources Today

We were developing custom software back in the 2000s (and even before that). We couldn’t have dreamt up the types of tools that are available to us today. Tasks that used to take hours are done in minutes. Developers have formed tight-knit communities where support abounds. Development is visual, agile, and efficient. Systems are quickly and easily integrated with each other through robust APIs. If software development is a world, we are on a different planet now.

Yet (some) business leaders remain stuck with the fallacy that software development is slow and expensive.

We’ve built a dynamic team that opens the doors to all kinds of development. Sure, we have our specialties (Building on the Django Framework and Salesforce—thus the name, “Django Force”), but our focus is on consistent learning and innovation, and we believe that is the top characteristic you should look for in a development team. It’s about solving new problems in innovative ways, not applying the same approach over and over.

For example, one of our clients asked us if we could build blockchain into a CRM framework, back when blockchain was still in its infancy stage. We applied everything we know about software into building this new project, and it turned out great. To our knowledge, it’s the first CRM integrated with blockchain.

Don’t Just Build Custom Software—Solve a Unique Problem

For us, building custom software isn’t just about writing code—it’s about solving a unique problem. Custom software development is for the innovators who think differently and want to build a solution that will create sustained competitive advantage.

We believe that software is the best way to tackle most problems in efficiency, management, inference, analysis, and other areas that help today’s businesses thrive.

After a quick 30-minute call with our team, we’ll be able to consult you on the ins and outs of custom software development, based on your project. What kind of costs should you expect? What is the delivery timeframe? What will ongoing maintenance costs look like? How can you scale the application?

If you’re here, it’s because you’ve already broken through the mold and have opened your mind to custom software development. We’d love to help you find out if it’s a viable option.

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We work with Start-Up Companies to Fortune 500 companies. Our average client are medium to large organizations with a number of employees that range from 20 to the thousands. For the size of projects we engage, typical development time is a minimum of 4-6 months.

We only work with Time & Material based projects and not fixed rates.

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