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Engage Your Audience by Developing Custom Web Portals, Communities, and Dashboards

Lifetime customer value is one of the most important metrics for your business to be focused on. What is it that makes a customer stick around? Or a partner? What about employees? In all three cases, it has a lot to do with the types of communities you can create around your business.

Custom web portals are different from websites. Your audience will access these portals from their browser, but the types of information they’ll have access to will create an entirely different experience for them. The objective is to deliver the right data and services in real time to create exceptional and relevant experiences that build strong relationships with your audiences. Organizations who do this see higher lifetime customer values, more dedicated employees, and more loyal partners.

What Goes into Developing a Custom Web Portal?

Web portals are dynamic, so it’s really up to you to decide what you want to be shown there.

Some common use cases include:

    • Integrating portal to show CRM data in real time. This could include cases in Salesforce, where your clients could easily open a case with a chat box or support ticket and your employees would have everything they need in Salesforce.
    • Managing and versioning sensitive documents. The collaboration and sharing to complete and sign these documents can happen between you and your customers inside the portal.
    • Subscription or service management. Give your clients a place to upgrade or manage the services they want.
  • Training and enablement. Give your partners or users a place to learn about your product and facilitate their success. You could also pull metrics on the frequency these trainings are being accessed to give you key insights about your products and users

With a little creativity, you’ll quickly see how these use cases expand. Our job is to integrate your systems and give you the features you need for smooth and seamless integrations across your entire network.

What’s the Difference Between Web Portals and Websites?

Websites are typically geared more towards prospects or people looking to get a general overview of your company. The information your website is typically more sales oriented.

In contrast, portals require a user login and give your audience data that is specific for them and what they are trying to accomplish.

What Goes Into Developing Salesforce Communities?

We get a lot of questions about Salesforce communities, which are, essentially, web portals of their own that are tightly integrated with Salesforce. There is a lot data inside your CRM that could be used to help your clients, and your employees need everything about your clients inside of Salesforce in order to fully assist your clients. Building a Salesforce Community Portal ties these two needs together, making the flow of data seamless between your Salesforce Portal and Salesforce CRM system.

Developing a Salesforce Community Portal is low hanging fruit for most organizations, and highly recommended. It’s a great place to start building your own custom web portal, as you can use the platform to integrate your other systems as needed.

What about Executive Dashboard Development?

Custom executive dashboards are a frequent topic when we start talking about web portals and integrated data systems. The answer is yes—we’re also proficient in developing executive dashboards that show your most important metrics in a visually appealing manner.

Data analysts typically spend 80% of their time gathering or cleaning data, and only 20% of their time actually analyzing it. In small businesses, this ratio is even more skewed. Without an efficient system, making data-driven decisions becomes very difficult.

We build executive dashboards using the same types of integrations we mentioned above. Some of your core metrics (or key performance indicators, KPI’s) will be found in your CRM system. Others may be found in your billing, accounting, or marketing systems. Rather than spending the time looking between systems or dealing with data silos, we will pull them all into a place. We’ll make it look good, too, so that you can quickly visualize all the data you need from one location.

Next Steps to Building Custom Web Portals, Communities, or Dashboards

When we hop on a discovery call with your team, we’ll talk through your current workflows and find areas that can be optimized or improved. It’s a powerful exercise and can help you make strides in your processes across the board.

From there, we’ll build out integrations between your existing applications and a beautifully designed, easy-to-use portal that creates an engaging experience for everyone around your business.

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