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AppEvolve has a reputation for consistently delivering professional results.

Professional is a tricky word in the world of professional software developers, professional software engineers, and professional software programmers.

What defines an IT professional?

Professionals in many industries have specific training, degrees, and certificates. It’s easy to decide whether or not someone is a “Professional” dentist. However, in the world of IT, it’s a different story. Many IT professionals begin programming very young. They code as a hobby for years and some begin working and making money long before others go off to college or trade schools. They don’t seek formal training. In many cases, they already have a college-level skill set, or better.

So, how do you judge an IT professional?

An IT professional is best judged by their body of work. If you need a professional app developer, professional app engineer, or professional app programmer ask to see their iOS or Android OS portfolio.

If you need a professional application developer, professional application engineer, or professional application programmer find out what kinds of projects they’ve completed. Are they experienced with web applications, service-as-a-software (SaaS), and enterprise-resource-planning (ERP)?

Do some programs have their own certification processes?
Some do offer certifications. One of these programs is Salesforce.

AppEvolve’s professional Salesforce developers, professional Salesforce engineers, and professional Salesforce programmers hold a variety of certifications from Salesforce. These include Salesforce certified app builders, platform developers, and administrators. AppEvolve also has professionals on staff that can program custom customer-relationship-management software. For some companies, an “off-the-shelf” solution is not a fit.

Django frameworks are built with the Python language. It’s probably obvious that a company called AppEvolve would have Python professionals on staff. Our team of professional Python developers,
professional Python engineers, and professional Python programmers have an extraordinary portfolio of work we would be happy to share with you.

When you need professional software developers, contact AppEvolve.

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