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It may not be a secret, that the team at AppEvolve is passionate about being the premier Django development company. We specialize in Django software development and using Django with Python and Ruby programming languages. Our team includes Django Python developers, Django Python engineers, and Django Python programmers

What is Django?

Django is a programming framework. A framework is like a house before the finishing is done, the foundation is there, with water and electrical available. Everything after that is customizable, but the basic work is done. Frameworks exist so programmers don’t have to repeat the basic steps every time they build new software. Frameworks like Django also have many available components called “plug-ins” to avoid additional repetitive work. Continuing the “house” simile, a plug-in is like pre-fab kitchen cabinets; already built and ready-to-install. When you combine the Django framework with Django plug-ins, some parts of the development process can be effectively streamlined.

The Django framework is built with the Python programming language. Naturally, as a Django development agency, we have many Python-fluent developers on board.

The Django framework is known for its ability to smoothly handle data migrations. Django data migrations ensure your information moves safely from its current location to its new database without any data loss, data corruption, or any need for your company to re-input data you’ve already collected.

Django Ruby developer, Django Ruby engineer, Django Ruby programmer?

Sometimes we are asked if we do Django Ruby development. We can understand why we get this question but the short answer is we don’t: it doesn’t exist.

Python and Ruby are both programming languages and they have their own associated frameworks. As previously discusses Python is used to build the Django framework. Ruby is used to build the Ruby-on-rails framework. Both frameworks are used widely when building web applications.

However, they don’t work together.

We would be happy to tell you more about these two languages and frameworks and how our Django python developers can help you build your web applications. Contact us today for more information. You can also read our blog on the topic.

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