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Custom Software Development


AppEvolve is a custom software development agency. Our custom software development includes custom application development for Salesforce including creating custom Salesforce applications for its communities and portals.

As a custom software development company with a focus on customer relationship management (CRM) tools, Salesforce’s capabilities are an ongoing area of interest to the AppEvolve team. As such we’ve made sure our team includes Salesforce certified App Builders, Platform Developers and Administrators.

Our Salesforce certified App Builders have tremendous experience creating applications that customize our clients Salesforce communities and portals.

How can your company use Salesforce communities and portals?

A portal is an access point where users outside of a system can join a group of users (a community) inside the system. This concept is a change from past systems where companies would not consider inviting outsiders inside their private virtual communities. Companies discovered, however, that inviting outsiders into the inner workings of their companies creates client satisfaction and loyalty. Salesforce software safely contains these visitors in communities whose boundaries are controlled by their hosts.

Salesforce portals create access to communities that can be designed for various audiences. Your portal may serve only your own employees, providing them a place to gather and communicate. For instance, custom application development can create a community specifically for your salespeople to discuss product features with your engineering team. You could also create a community for your company’s holiday party or bowling team.

Your communities may also include your clients and any partners you have. For instance, a luxury electric-vehicle manufacturer could invite users to a customer community where its sales team could speak directly with high-end auto dealers and representatives from the manufacturer of the vehicle’s audio equipment. A dealer could join the portal and find out more about the car’s audio package directly from the manufacturer.

AppEvolve is passionate about building custom Salesforce applications including communities and portals. As a custom software development firm, we’ve seen firsthand the incredible impact of custom communities on customer loyalty and employee morale. Contact us today and we’ll assess how custom communities and portals can increase your business’ success.

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