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CRM Software Development


Custom customer-relationship management (CRM) software development is a specialty of AppEvolve. Companies that use CRM software generally have improved sales, customer satisfaction, and employee morale. Since every lead a salesperson receives could be a goldmine, now or in the future, carefully capturing and tracking each contact is critical. CRM software also allows stakeholders to analyze how often each salesperson converts leads to orders.

AppEvolve’s experience includes working with CRM products already on the market. If an existing product can meet your needs we’ll happily suggest it. However, we understand the limitations of boxed products and why they aren’t always the best CRM solution.

Existing products may have the following issues:

  1. They are not flexible or scalable for your needs
  2. They are not compatible with your current technology
  3.  They require your team to re-input data which is already captured in your company’s database
  4. They require sharing your data with a third party or a third party’s server; for some
  5. companies that work with confidential information, this can be a deal breaker
  6. Software updates, outages and downtime are beyond your control
  7. Subscription costs are beyond your control

Custom CRM software development avoids these pitfalls. It makes your company’s needs the only priority.

A AppEvolve custom CRM software developer can meet with your company and determine the best approach for you. Our experienced developers often exceed our client’s expectations. They show our clients how to maximize the value of existing systems and data with a custom CRM solution.

One advantage of CRM software is the ability to create virtual communities within the larger CRM framework. Your company can have an unlimited number of teams with varying levels of access to other company teams. We can also create portals and virtual spaces for your clients and customers to interact with your teams.

AppEvolve is ready to develop custom CRM solutions for your company. Contact us today to find out more

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