Construction Scheduling SaaS Application

Client Background

Crewboss is a software start-up founded by Gary Turnbull, a long-time veteran in the construction industry. Gary recognized that contractor scheduling had a unique and serious set of inefficiencies and had a vision for solving the problem, which he set out to solve using technology and custom software. is a cloud-based scheduling calendar for builders, crew leaders, superintendents, and crews to easily stay in sync and on schedule. It helps manage time slots for current and future jobs to help reduce overlaps and missed jobs.

The Problem

The construction industry has a lot of moving parts which are distributed throughout multiple teams on one job site. When each person on the team manages their own schedule, it’s hard to keep track of where everyone is and their scheduled times for the job. The result? Missed deadlines, finger pointing, and a logistical nightmare. Teams lacked a management tool capable of keeping the schedule and coordinating between each team on the site.

The Solution

Gary approached us with a clear vision and a reserved booth at a trade show in three months, where he would present and sell his solution. We signed the contract and got right to work, knowing that we had to act swiftly.

With all the moving parts on a job site, Crewboss needed a quick and easy way to onboard crew members and staff. We built them something that allowed them to onboard their staff and crew members in less than a minute, then quickly assign them to job sites.

Next, we made it simple for managers to coordinate and assign tasks to each staff member. All users could view their own tasks and, if they had permissions to do so, view the tasks of other crew members or teams.

Communication was another critical component, so we integrated a cloud communications platform (Twilio) using their API. This allowed managers to send text messages from inside the platform that provide details about individual jobs—such as times, dates, and locations. A URL inside the text message allowed builders, crew leaders, and superintendents to give a green light to Crewboss users with the click of a button.

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