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At AppEvolve we are proud to have the very best application developers on our team. However, we’ve found there’s some confusion between the terms “application” and “software.” Our clients aren’t always sure what they need.

The short answer is:
“Application” and “software” are often interchangeable.

Applications are software products created by an application developer to manage a large or small process. However “application” can refer to a small program, or a part of a program focused on only one task.

The term application was not generally used by the public until mobile smartphones became popular. The public generally used the terms software or program, while “application,” as it relates to software, was primarily used by IT professionals.

Smartphones included software or “applications” that performed small tasks not necessarily related to phone functions. They began mostly as small programs like calculators, and calendars. Now, since mobile phones are more sophisticated than many generations of large computers that came before them, mobile applications include complex software programs. As consumers, we’ve become spoiled, but the power of the current generations of mobile smartphones should still impress us.

So, an IT professional who works in development for Microsoft Office software could be involved with Microsoft application development if they are working on the whole suite of Microsoft products, a component of Microsoft Office, like Excel or MS Word, or an even smaller component like MS Word’s spell check.

The same goes for Apple application development specialists and those who develop SaaS (service as a software) applications. The size of the project for application developers, and their team partner’s application engineers, and application programmers varies. The very best application developers, best application engineers, and best application programmers are able to work on projects of any size and be ready to scale those projects as needed.

AppEvolve’s team consistently exceeds client expectations and includes the top application developers, top application engineers, and top application programmers. When you are ready to create a small or large application for your small business or a global enterprise, our team is ready to help. Let us build your Apple, Microsoft or SaaS applications. Contact us today.

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