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Mobile app developers oversee the entire app development process from A to Z. An app developer is similar to a movie producer. They shepherd the project from beginning to end. They may also know how to do the hands-on work of creating any part of the application, but their focus is managing all the teams involved with the process. So like a movie producer who may also be an actress or screenwriter. The best app developer may also be an app engineer, an app programmer, or a user-interface specialist.

Mobile App Engineers – Once an application’s basic design and structure are determined by the project team and the app developer, an app engineer is called in. A mobile app engineer determines the technical requirements to build an application. Essentially what ingredients they need to pull together to deliver the app the client wants. They determine what technical resources are needed and determine things like which programming languages to use and which API’s (Application Programming Interface) to include. For instance, the best app engineers know whether a client should use the AccuWeather API or the Dark Sky API to provide weather information for the client’s travel application.

Mobile app programmers do the actual coding of an application. They make all the client’s ideas come to life while following the lead of the app developer and the technical direction of the app engineer. A programmer can also be an app developer or app engineer. The best app programmers understand a great deal about these other functions and may act as developers or engineers on other projects too.

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